introducing : nettensor

Aggregated Modular Blockchain

Aggregated and Modular Blockchain

Nettensor is a aggregated and modular blockchain solution with the versatility to handle all kinds of tasks. It combines Layer 1, offering super-fast speeds, with Layer 2, providing scalability for Ethereum. It also extends smart contract capabilities to Bitcoin and Bittensor Network.

Enabling Smart-contracts capabilities

What Nettensor does may seem complex at first glance, but it is actually quite straightforward. It brings Smart-contracts into Bitcoin as a Layer 2, It brings the same capability to the AppChain on the Bittensor Network. This enables the creation of DeFi applications, NFTs, and many other functionalities currently not feasible directly on Bitcoin or the Bittensor Network.

Fast , Low Gas and Scalable

Allows app builders and network users to incur lower fees compared to Ethereum.
This reduction in fees is achieved through our Native DA's information-keeping capabilities, which decrease the cost of transaction storage.

Upon scaling, it will facilitate transactions that are up to 100,000 times more cost-effective than those on Ethereum.

introducing : nettensor

Nettensor Key Points


A bridge that unifies multiple blockchain networks.
Nettensors Layer 1 is able to communicate with its Layer 2 as well as AppChain
This is possible because of Nettensor Aggregated capabilities.


This architecture enables blockchain networks to perform specialized tasks autonomously, operating independently without overlap.

Fast Transaction

The network supports lightning-fast transactions, finalizing them almost instantly.
TPS has exceeded 10,000.


Scalability is enhanced by Layer 2 for Ethereum within Nettensor, facilitating the rapid completion of large transactions without issues.

Low Gas Fee

Utilizing Native DA technology, we enable users to pay significantly lower fees than those required by Ethereum.
This is achieved by reducing the costs associated with transaction storage.

Smart-contracts enabler

By enhancing functionality, it becomes possible to implement smart contracts on both Bitcoin and Bittensor networks. This capability harbors significant potential.

World-Class Blockchain Solutions

Fast Layer 1

Mind-blowing transaction speed, a high tier of the pre-existing Layer 1

Scalable Layer 2

Ethereum could be more widely used thanks to scalability improvements.

RWA Yield Optimizer

Openings for RWA users to re-stake your yields.

DePIN Solutions for Enterprise

A dedicated DePIN solution for enterprises.

Why Nettensor ?

Aggregated Modular Blockchain
Advanced and Fast Layer 1
Scalable Layer 2 for Ethereum
Smart Layer 2 for  Bitcoin
AppChain for Decentralized AI 
Up to 10,000+ TPS

Expand Your Services with Nettensor

Discover the unparalleled services that differentiate us from the competition and enhance your journey with us.

RWA Yield Optimizer

Participate in RWA re-staking
Plug into our platform and earn high returns
We are developing the Yield Optimizer for Flux by Ondo Finance and will also support other RWA platforms soon.

DePIN Solutions for Enterprise

Our DePIN solutions are designed with enterprises in mind. These solutions offer exclusive ownership and provide comprehensive support, along with early access to opportunities unavailable elsewhere.

Community Support

We are here to help. With your support, our team will be happy to answer any questions you have about Nettensor. We want to build something better, and we believe that with a strong community we can make that happen.